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With iOS 11 Backgrounds you can upgrade your iPhone as it is new

They come from the latest iOS 11 release and are designed to take advantage of the features of the OLED display of the iPhone X.Info by Teespire Mobile app development for iOS and Android in Portland

Among the various information leaked on the eve of the forthcoming iPhones there is also one inherent to the iOS 11 operating system, or rather its particular component: the backgrounds. Within the latest version of the developer update and distributed by the same Apple network over the past few hours, a series of saturated and contrasting images were previewed , designed to take advantage of the new OLED screen that will be on board iPhone X.

In particular, black-and-white images should highlight the capabilities of the board on the most advanced trio gadget, which in displaying this color can simply keep the pixels displayed to represent it, thus showing those looking at the absolute black panel . The photos included in the package will still look good on other models of the phone: the Cupertino made on-board displays have always been considered among the best in the category, LCD or OLED they are.

 iphone App Developers

Images should be included in the iOS update, but are previewed.


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